Stoa Rail

Ideate a startup on a train

Join us on a train from Delhi to Bangalore.
Work in teams and pitch a startup.
Learn business strategy from Founders.

The Journey of a Lifetime

meeet fellow
study a social problem
Learn businedd findamentals
Come up with a startup idea
Pitch to startup founders

Get the taste of an MBA in 48h

Stoa Rail is coming back!

Our first journey was just too much fun!
Application Deadline 29th July, 2022
This February, we are going at it again.
How the journey works
36 Hours
JOURNEY Duration
60 Participants
Limited Seats

Submit details and get a detailed brochure


Submit a video ask which will be sent to you over mail by answering basic questions


You will receive an invitation for the journey (limited seats available)

Reserve Seat

Block your seat by paying a traveller's fee on selection.

About Stoa

India's top alternative to the MBA.

The Stoa Program is a 1-year online program that trains and tests candidates on the fundamentals of business domains such as marketing, product, operations, people management, finance and strategy. It’s a system that delivers all the benefits of a traditional MBA, without the hassles of time and cost.

Why are we doing this?

At Stoa, we believe you only truly learn by doing; by putting yourself in uncomfortable situations with an open mind and clear focus. Travel enables this amazingly; it helps you tap out of your daily routines and be open to newer experiences.

Stoa Rail is a journey that brings curious learning and travel together, to create an experience of a lifetime.


What all is included as a part of the traveller’s fee?

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The traveller’s fee includes your train tickets and, food during the complete journey

Do I need to make my own travel arrangements?

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Travel arrangements from Delhi to Bangalore and all travel within Bangalore will be covered by Stoa. Other arrangements need to be made by the traveller themselves.

I am a student, can I apply?

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Students over the age of 18 are eligible to apply for the challenge.

Do I need to register with a team or individually?

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Registrations take place on an individual basis. The teams for the ideation challenge will be made on the train by travellers collectively.

What all do I need to carry for this journey?

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The brochure has a list of things you may require during the journey

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Next Cohort Starts on 25th November, 2022
Admissions close on 20th November, 2022
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