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Coaching helped me gain clarity on making career growth. Mentorship helped me build confidence to present my skills in front of recruiters. Sessions helped me enhance Marketing, Strategy, People, and Leadership skills. I can't thank Stoa enough for helping me throughout my professional growth.

Yash image
Yash Khemka
Cohort 4
Community Speak

I came to Stoa seeking for clarity. The career support that Stoa has provided - resume building, mentor groups, career coach, all of them gave me better clarity or, rather, frameworks that helped me figure out how to apply and what companies to apply to.

Sindu image
Sindhu Jetty
Cohort 5
Community Speak

Joining Stoa gave me clarity on the different trajectories and what I have to pursue further. Also, networking through Stoa helped me land a new job, and I could negotiate better at the interview after attending career programs and talking to Career Placement Team.

Manoj image
Manoj Kumar V
Cohort 4
Community Speak

Before Stoa, I was not confident enough to apply to top roles in startups, but Stoa helped me with the frameworks to prepare and apply for any role.

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Ankit Dev
Cohort 4
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Appreciation post:

NGL but @StoaHQ is def upping its game with the cohort crowd.

Glad to be a part of this thriving community. Very certain that some great things will churn out with the relationships I build here.


11:51 am · 15 Jan 2022
@stoahq on twitter

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