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The best companies in India hire from Stoa. You could  too.

The best
companies in India hire from Stoa. You could  too.

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Zero Hiring Fees
We do not charge any fee to help you hire the right candidate from the Stoa network
Pre-vetted Candidates
Candidates are vetted through a series of evaluation before they are connected with our hiring partners
Industry-Ready Hustlers
Taught by industry professionals with rigorous curriculum design who are ready hustle into the startup ecosystem

Met some Stoans recently and they are good! We also hired a good product manager who did better in the interview process than IIM/ISB product managers. There's something good brewing in Stoa.

Abhishek Nayak
Abhishek Nayak
CEO & Co-Founder, Appsmith
Who they hired
Dilip Pitchika c2
Hired as a Product Manager
Swetha Sree Sridhar, c4
Hired as a Product Analyst

When we hired a fellow from Stoa, they vouched for him, as he had done well at Stoa, and deserved a chance. So we hired him. And he is killing it at Wint! Aditya and Raj are doing a great job!

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Ajinkya Kulkarni
Co-Founder, Wint Wealth
Who they hired
Ankit Ruparel, c1
Hired in Partnerships & Brand

It was a great experience hiring with Stoa. From start to finish, they provided us with quality applicants based on our requirements. Priyal was very supportive, kind, extremely professional, and highly involved throughout the whole process by giving accurate information when needed. Thank you!

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Vishwanadh Panduri
Talent Acquisition Specialist, Crio.Do
Who they hired
Ankit Kokkeri, c7
Hired as an APM
Bhishm Juneja, C7
Hired as an APM

What makes Stoa graduates more valuable?

What makes Stoa graduates more valuable?

To join Stoa is an opportunity in itself as we look for folks with hustling attitude and those who take pride in their craft. Our folks are unique because they are:

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Have Real-world Upskilling

Upskilled in a case-based learning pedagogy helping solve real-business problems
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Mentored By Experts

Mentored by a team of industry experts and certified coaches to build the right attitude
Regourously icon

Rigourously Evaluated

Evaluated through a rigorous charter that testifies for their competences and calibre

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What is the hiring process at Stoa?

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Follow our 4-step process to hire your perfect talent

Connect: Send us your requirements on

Collaborate: Our Career Success team will get in touch with you within 24 hours

Interview: Interview a curated pool of folks matching to your requirement

Hire: Conduct your interview process and eventually make an offerWe believe in Hire Fast, Hire Right. Our average hiring time is under 2 weeks from introduction to offer.

Who are the typical companies that hire from Stoa?

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We are proud to have built teams for the finest startups VCs of the country. These companies hail from industries like EdTech, FinTech, SaaS, HealthTech, Funds / Accelerators and more. We have over 300+ hiring partners at Stoa

What are the salary bands at Stoa?

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The salary ranges depend on the overall years of work experience and the role. 80% of our offers range in INR 12L - 20L exclusive of ESOPs and other variables.

What does the Career Team require when dropping an email with the requirements?

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We suggest you be as specific as you can with the requirements. Sharing JD, along with other important screening factors like location, compensation, specific hard skills etc is important as this ensures effective match with the relevant profiles.

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