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Earn competence. Not degrees.

The 6-month alternative to an MBA that builds the foundation for a great career ahead.
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NEXT COHORT STARTS on 5th May 2023
Learn what matters

Learn marketing, strategy, analytics, finance, leadership & product. Taught by industry experts, via a mix of individual and team-based activities.

Get the benefits of an MBA

Build career clarity, competence and confidence. Be part of a 1,000+ community – one of the best professional networks in India.

Build a great career

Work with coaches, mentors and the Stoa Team to get job ready. Clear the exams to unlock access to job opportunities in high growth companies.

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Workshops and Masterclasses

Get practical insights and examples on becoming a better professional.

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Keep up with the latest in our 1,000+ community.
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Real learning, simulated situations

Learn by stepping into the shoes of different business roles and solving real problems in real companies.