India is primed for an MBA revolution. And we’re at the helm of it.

We are India's first MBA Bootcamp for working professionals. Get a practical real-world business education that helps you where you want to go — fast.

India is often touted to be the next big economy. With all this untapped potential just waiting to be unlocked, all it needs is ambitious individuals coming together to build profitable businesses that create wealth and prosperity for a billion.

That’s the dream, isn't it?

Well, it is. But it lacks clarity.

As a collective, we crave the glory that comes with building things. But as individuals, we lack the conviction to go all-in on the pursuit. Building the dream isn't everyone's cup of tea. But if you think you have what it takes, come grab a seat.

Let’s build it together.

Our Principles

Tough Love

Our style of rooting for people lies in supporting and cheering them on while not being afraid of giving tough feedback or showing each other the mirror.

Value Creation

India has a history of being a painful place to do business and earnestly create value. We vow to stand behind and cheer anyone who is out to play positive-sum games.

Pride in the Craft

Ownership. Inspiration. Respect for reality. Attention to detail. No-bullshit. We love what we do and love others who do too.

Stoa in the News

Aditya Kulkarni
Aditya Kulkarni
Raj Kunkolienkar
Raj Kunkoleikar
Manoj Kambadur
Manoj Kambadur
Sharmad Kuvelkar
Sharmad Kuvelkar
Sukita Tapadia
Sukita Tapadia
Malvika Manjunath
Gaurav Mandlecha
Shelton Desouza
Shelton Desouza
Adhiraj Arora
Mustafa Lokhandwala
Somya Aggarwal
Somya Aggarwal
Erin Viegas
Erin Viegas
Nithin Kamath
Co-Founder, Zerodha
Kunal Shah
Co-Founder, CRED
Richa Kar
Co-Founder, Zivame
Gagan Biyani
Co-Founder, Udemy
Phanindra Sama
Co-Founder, RedBus
Packy McCormick
Founder, NotBoring
Pravin Jadhav
CEO, Raise ; ex-CEO, Paytm Money
Ganesh Rao
Founder, Suryoday
Raveen Sastry
Founding Partner,
Multiply Venture
Anmol Maini
Founder, Keeping Up
With India
Vedica Kant
Founder, Keeping Up
With India
Ankur Nagpal
Harpreet Singh
Co-Founder, Co-
John Danner
Dunce Capital, Early investor in Lambda
Co-Founder, Bounce

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